Learn About Flower Miles

What are ‘Flower Miles’?

Flower Miles is a new feature on our website which is simply a score out of 5 to represent how many miles the flowers have travelled. Our cornish range has a score of 0 to 2 which means the flowers are either grown in our green houses here or sourced from a local grower. However some of our other bouquets might have to be sourced from further afield. This will result in a higher flower miles score.

Why ‘Flower Miles’?

Our planets climate is changing and changing fast. People are becoming increasingly aware of the issues surrounding Global warming and the effects its having on our planet. Global warming is caused by many contributing factors, one of the main ones being Carbon Emmisions. Here at Clowance we are commited to doing what we can to protect the world we live in, Cornwall is a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way!

Our main source of flowers has always been from our own green houses. However, many other flower suppliers simply import all their flowers because its cheaper. Here at Clowance we are commited to providing the best product to our customers as possible. By importing as little as possible we are keeping carbon emisions to a minimum and helping support the local industry. A good start on doing our bit to save the planet! That is why we have introduced our ‘Flower Miles’ feature, to represents how ‘friendly’ the flowers are in terms of carbon emissions, allowing you, the customer, to do your bit to save the planet as well. The lower the score, the lower the flowers miles, the better they¬†are for our enviroment.


All the applicable products on the FBC website will have a ‘Flower Miles’ ranking, ie:

Flowers Miles 2/5

This can be found in the short description of the product on the catergory view pages, or the actual product page itself, to the right of the picture. The rankings are based on the following:

0/5 – Travelled ZERO miles! (grown right here at Clowance!)
1/5 – Travelled less than 10 miles
2/5 – Travelled less than 60 miles
3/5 – Travelled less than 200 miles
4/5 – Travelled less than 1000 miles
5/5 – Travelled 1000+ miles